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Windows By all early reports, Windows 8 is going to be a good operating system. Microsoft's hegemony may be crumbling in a mobile computing onslaught, but its core empire remains undimmed. However, whereas Windows 7 had three versions, Windows 8 will apparently be ballooning to 9 versions.
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With Debian, I'm actually going encrypted LVM. For added tin-foil protection, one could put /boot on a removable SD kept in one's wallet or keychain. Debian's setup may well be outside the average user's unattended abilities though.

Bitlocker.. I have a distrust of microsoft which I believe is well earned. There may well be no bitlocker backdoors but I'm suspicious. Also, if domain administrator can recover user bitlocker keys then there is already a big whole in it.. that kind of recovery is what backups are for.

Truecrypt I've not left a user to setup on there own but the setup wizard seems to be pretty adequate. The NSA/FBI's lack of success is a pretty strong test of it's strength. The open development model limits potential for backdoors and bugs. I'd personally say that the benefits greatly outweigh sitting with a user the first time they set it up.

Each to there own though. I also think there are other killer features that justify the win7 upgrade (the backup alone if not real 64bit support) so at least he's getting off XP.

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