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Amiga & AROS "The Timberwolf team is proud to announce the immediate availability of the first beta version of Timberwolf 4.0.1. Timberwolf is an AmigaOS web browser based on Firefox/Mozilla technology. This technology is more than just a browser, it is an enabling technology, bringing powerful tools such as html5, WebM, JavaScript, XUL, and more to AmigaOS 4.x. These are the building blocks for other applications as well, such as the email client 'Thunderbird' or the media center 'Songbird'. This first beta release includes almost the full functionality of the browser, allowing style-sheet enabled web browsing, secure connections, use of Firefox add-on and more."
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by leech on Thu 8th Mar 2012 04:44 UTC
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Where's my 68K version?!?!

Yeah, yeah, I know old tech, blah blah, etc. Would love to have a PPC Amiga capable of running AmigaOS4 and finally have an Awesome OS that can browse decently ( I have an A4000 running OS3.9, but all the browsers are either buggy as crap (AWEB) or missing a ton of modern features (IBrowse) or is a pain to get working at all (Netsurf 68k)).

The OS is still snappy in a lot of areas where my 2.5GHZ quad core CPU running any modern desktop OS (Windows 7 and KDE4 or Gnome-Shell) isn't. Even though I don't have an accelerator (still 25Mhz 68040) and a Radeon using RAM of it for the system. With the Radeon OS3.9 just flies.

Wish someone would actually create new accelerator boards that didn't cost the same as me building a brand new i7.

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RE: 68k!!
by MORB on Thu 8th Mar 2012 09:08 in reply to "68k!!"
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There's a reason for that genius: there's simply no way for a 68k to run a somewhat modern html rendering engine with remotely decent performances.

I remember that simply rendering a mildly complicated table used to take ages on those things.

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RE[2]: 68k!!
by leech on Thu 8th Mar 2012 15:33 in reply to "RE: 68k!!"
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It's actually not terribly bad. Now on the other hand something like Flash is absolutely horrible.

A lot of the actual slowness is in the AGA chipset. Sure it was almost awesome when it was initially released, but because of Commodore's stupidity, they didn't get the AAA chipset out. That's why I said with my Radeon it's like night and day. That's still going through that same 'slow' 68040@25Mhz processor. IBrowse and AWEB II both go so much faster on it.

Netsurf is a modern browser, and from what I understand it runs pretty fast, but I don't know, I haven't been able to get it to work, since it needs AfAOS which I haven't had that much luck getting set up (well I had it working, but Netsurf seemed to still crash. After I bleach the rest of my keyboard, I'll give it a shot again. Ah, the joys of using ancient hardware ;) )

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