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Qt "The Qt development toolkit is undergoing a major overhaul. The developers behind the project announced the availability of the Qt 5 alpha release this week. It's a key milestone on the path to the official launch of Qt 5, expected to occur later this year." The kind of stuff to read Ars for.
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But as far as I know, the Qt teams have pretty much stated that they are not interested in developing the QWidget part of Qt any further.

There are two things to that:
1) If Nokia doesn't see any need to put resources into adding new things to the widgets library of Qt does not keep others from doing so. This is already happing with support for certain platforms (e.g. WinCE), so it is IMHO likely to expand to other areas.

2) Not adding new things doesn't equal deprecating. The widgets library as it is continues to be useful for standard desktop applications as all features needed for those are already there.

So for KDE, it will either be switch to QtQuick, or stick with a portion of Qt that is deprecated without saying it.

KDE, and any other vendor using Qt, will use whatever is most appropriate for a given context.

Some products, e.g. KDE's workspace shell, are already using a non-widget approach and will most likely switch to QtQuick.

Other products, e.g. Qt Creator, will surely continue to use a widget based UI.

And some products will use a QtQuick based UI in their mobile version while continuing to use a widget based one for the desktop version.

I personally expect most current Qt software producers to stick with a widget based approach and QtQUick mainly be used by companies starting product development for non-desktop applications

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