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Linux Liuns Torvalds is a finalist for this year's Millenium Technology Prize, prompting Scott Merrill with TechCrunch to do an e-mail interview. Interesting how Torvalds ignores the existence of ultrabooks - the Air is the exact same Intel-designed machine. Curious.
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Macbooks vs Ultrabooks
by WorknMan on Fri 20th Apr 2012 22:17 UTC
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I'm not a laptop person myself, but I've always heard that Apple makes the best laptops. I'm not sure why that is exactly, but one thing I've heard consistently is that the track pad on Macbooks are the only ones that are worth a damn. That's really encouraging to hear, since any other track pad I've ever used sucks major ass. The one on my Lenovo work laptop blows whale cock, and is used only when there's no mouse in sight.

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RE: Macbooks vs Ultrabooks
by ssokolow on Fri 20th Apr 2012 22:23 in reply to "Macbooks vs Ultrabooks"
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If it's the same problem I'm thinking of, then it's that the trackpad drivers in pre-Win8 windows suck. (And you get the same problem if you run Win7 via BootCamp and don't get it if you run Win8 or OSX on any hardware, Apple or otherwise.)

Of course, I also just read a post on Planet Mozilla yesterday about how OSX apparently has 32ms latency on the cursor and that can be a bigger deal than you'd think.

Take that as you will.

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RE: Macbooks vs Ultrabooks
by Ravyne on Sat 21st Apr 2012 03:15 in reply to "Macbooks vs Ultrabooks"
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The trackpad is glorious -- its huge, smooth (glass) and doesn't have any useless physical buttons or ridges/texture playing button.

There is a minor learning curve, but I actually came to prefer the trackpad not just over other trackpads, but for basic pointer-needing tasks like web browsing and email. I only pulled out a mouse when I needed to do some serious coding/writing, or to play a game.

I haven't tried out any of the ultrabooks myself, but they all seem to have buttons or faux-buttons. Ironically, the Google ChromeBooks all have mac-style, glass, no-button trackpads. If they had a bit more oomph, a hacked ChromeBook (bigger mSata SSD + OS of choice) would make a pretty sweet, and cheap, laptop. I'm hoping the rumors of new ChromeBooks sporting i3 processors are true.

I'm almost sad to say that I handed down my unibody MacBook to my girlfriend, and traded over to a not-much faster, used Lenovo T61p -- but then I remind myself it has discrete graphics and a 1920x1200 panel.

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RE: Macbooks vs Ultrabooks
by gan17 on Sat 21st Apr 2012 13:16 in reply to "Macbooks vs Ultrabooks"
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Your Lenovo's not a ThinkPad, is it? I'd take a clit-mouse over a track/touchpad any day. Don't have to take my hand off the keyboard to use it.

But yes, most non-Apple trackpads suck. Don't really know why that is. It's gotten even worse with the advent of multi-touch, I think. Sensitivity is all over the place. Strangely, I find this even worse on Windows than it is on Linux/BSD (for synaptics/synclient, at least) these days. Most probably it's some sort of driver issue.

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