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GNU, GPL, Open Source "A new analysis of licensing data shows that not only is use of the GPL and other copyleft licenses continuing to decline, but the rate of disuse is actually accelerating." This shouldn't be surprising. The GPL is complex, and I honestly don't blame both individuals and companies opting for simpler, more straightforward licenses like BSD or MIT-like licenses.
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RE[2]: hm?
by Kivada on Sat 21st Apr 2012 23:48 UTC in reply to "RE: hm?"
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No,the GPL is share and share alike, BSD is more akin to a Buddhist that seeks his own personal enlightenment when those around him suffer.

Sure the BSD license seems like a nice gesture, but all it does is ensure that the megacorps can continue to have complete control over the entire industry, while the GPL creates a level playing field for everyone.

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RE[3]: hm?
by BallmerKnowsBest on Sun 22nd Apr 2012 02:21 in reply to "RE[2]: hm?"
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Sure the BSD license seems like a nice gesture, but all it does is ensure that the megacorps can continue to have complete control over the entire industry, while the GPL creates a level playing field for everyone.

Imagine you're a software development company and you decide you want to do a little "Freewashing"; in other words, make a few meaningless gestures to give the appearance that you support "Free(tm)" software without going all-in, or maybe to lure in some suckers to do free development work for you. So you decide to release a "community edition" of your existing commercial software, what license are you gonna choose, BSD? HELL no! That would let your competitors take the code and do whatever they want with it. Instead, you're probably going to release the software under GPL3.

That lets you (for example) release a "Free(tm)" version of a web application & plaster it with your branding and copyright notices. Then you can do things that would be considered dickish even with commercial licenses, like use the "legal notices" clause so that if anyone removes your branding, you can then threaten to go after them for GPL infringement (*cough-cough* *cough-cough*). But because you've released your software as GPL, you can still play the good guy and justify your actions as "protecting Freedom(tm)" or some other noble-sounding BS.

So despite your "BSD lets megacorps control the entire industry" hand-wringing, the reality is that GPL3 is much more "megacorp"-friendly than the BSD license.

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RE[4]: hm?
by Kivada on Sun 22nd Apr 2012 20:30 in reply to "RE[3]: hm?"
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Everything you are alluding to is covered under the ability fork the project, it's why Debian rolls IceWeasel instead of Firefox, they removed the Mozilla branding they had to fork the project, they can no longer call it Firefox even if it's the same code under the hood. Now though any changes made to Ice Weasel can also be brought back into Firefox.

Heres another analogy, the GPL is like the take a penny leave a penny tray at a convenience store, the BSD license though is letting someone go in and dump the tray in their pocket and walk out without ever having purchased anything at the store.

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RE[3]: hm?
by cade on Sun 22nd Apr 2012 02:27 in reply to "RE[2]: hm?"
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In many cases, where applicable, a lot of people suffer because they choose not to enlighten themselves.

If the GPL creates a level playing field then why is it that the number of Windows desktops thrashes the number of Linux/etc. desktops in the world. Megacorps like Microsoft get by since many consumers refuse or don't realise that they can enlighten themselves in regards to alternative solutions (OS, programs, etc). It's like when layman people invest in Microsoft Office and then I mention the merits of apps like OpenOffice (especially the nil cost) and then they wakeup. Complete control occurs when the "sheep" decide they want to be controlled, decide not to make a stand towards personal enlightenment.

There are people who code for the love of coding and the love of the coded project and have no problems with sharing their efforts through a BSD licence.

While the code may benefit some "evil" mega-corps, the code also has the potential to benefit many other entities be it the student, academician, professional, consultant, etc. within a no-strings-attached context.

This is not the 1980's/1990's where Microsoft had free reign. Who would have thought that Microsoft would contribute to the Linux space. I remember reading Microsoft's marketing material against Linux in the late 1990's, they were scared of Linux back then. Consider the Google/Apple app stores and the rise of standards like OpenGL, etc.

With society-based enlightenment comes a more level playing field.

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RE[4]: hm?
by Kivada on Sun 22nd Apr 2012 20:35 in reply to "RE[3]: hm?"
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Microsoft's contributions where a red herring and Thom knew it. Every single line of their contributions where to support virtualization of Windows on Linux hosts, just so they could keep selling Windows to managers that know nothing else even exists.

As to Microsoft's ubiquity, you really should look into the history, they did things the mafia wishes they would have thought of to get their position.

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v RE[3]: hm?
by ParadoxUncreated on Sun 22nd Apr 2012 12:08 in reply to "RE[2]: hm?"
RE[4]: hm?
by henderson101 on Sun 22nd Apr 2012 18:45 in reply to "RE[3]: hm?"
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I can clearly see that this used to be BeNews.
The same attitudes where in #beos on efnet aswell.
Where Linux was open sores etc.

Eh? This, mening this site? No, factually incorrect. BeNews was a completely different site that ran in parallel with this one for years. The only common threads that Eugenia was once managing editor of both sites (but at different times.)

BeOS wasn't open source either. You are a complete moron. All of the code for BeOS was closed, save Tracker (opened late in the day) and some of the stuff to to with Binder (from BeIA) that Palm opened.

Wherever you say BeOS, replace it with "haiku" and you ate closer to reality.

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