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Windows "The new changes include several new lock-screen images, the Windows Store tile is now green, and the small magnifying glass in the bottom right corner when you scroll has changed to a simple square. While nothing major, they are representative of the across-the-board tweaks we expect to see when the Release Preview hits the digital shelves in June." So, nothing to address the core issues with Windows 8's mouse/keyboard-hostile environment. Sad.
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I think it is hyperbole, I find it usable, and all the keyboard shortcuts are there, and some new ones, on one monitor, it's fine.

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I agree.

Also tried it on my laptop and it was ok.

But then I also like Unity, so what do I know? ;)

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Now see, I hate unity, but it's that damn unified menu, I prefer my apps self contained, each apps menu in the app itself. But that's just me.

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Don't get me wrong, I really like Metro as a touch based interface. I feel that it is miles ahead of iOS and Android in that respect. But Microsoft should have left it off of traditional mouse-driven desktops and saved it for the RT tablets and touch based laptops.

And hey, who is to say the issues with mousing won't be fixed by release or at worst, in the first service pack? I can think of a handful of small tweaks that would make it bearable, and if I can do that I know Microsoft's engineers can do better.

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