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Multimedia, AV "With over 3 million downloads per episode, the HBO hit series Game of Thrones is without doubt the most pirated TV-show of the season. Data gathered by TorrentFreak shows that most of the pirates come from Australia, while London tops the list of pirate cities. But why have these people turned to BitTorrent?" Because in order to get it legally, I have to take a monthly subscription costing me €15 per month. So instead, I buy the season box sets as they come out, and download them every Monday morning in the meantime.
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Reason for UK
by steogede2 on Mon 21st May 2012 04:57 UTC
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In the UK, there are two dominant subscription broadcast TV providers; Sky (BSkyB) a satellite provider and Virgin Media a cable provider. Sky licences much of their content to Virgin Media, however they do not licence Sky Atlantic - the channel they broadcast all their HBO content on.

Many people cannot get Sky TV because they cannot install a satellite dish on their property for various reason (e.g. planning permission, landlord approval, shared ownership (flats etc.)). Likewise many people (IMHO) choose to boycott News International/BSkyB/Rupert Murdoch.

This leaves many people unable/unwilling to receive HBO broadcasts. Game of Thrones is probably the most popular HBO show. Hence, it ends up being the most downloaded.

BTW, I suspect that many people who use BitTorrent to "pirate" already subscribe to a subscription TV service - probably more, as a percentage, than the general population.

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