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Windows A long - very long - blog post justifying all the ideas and choices behind Windows 8. We've all been here before, but it's nice to have it all summed up once again for easy reference in case we hit another yes/no debate on Windows 8 and keyboard and mouse. Anywho, the most interesting bit is that Microsoft has updated the theme of the traditional desktop, flattening it to achieve a very nice look.
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Windows 8 looks mighty fine
by mfaudzinr on Mon 21st May 2012 21:30 UTC
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I have tried Windows 8 Consumer Preview in VM and I thought it's a strong start albeit a bit of getting used to. The preview is more suitable if you have touch screen. Anyway I'm all for change. The move to a less Aero interface is a good call. I love clean interface. I'm looking forward to a Nokia Windows RT tablet, only if it is 10" or more, 1080P resolution (Or retina-ish) and quad A15 ARM processor. I wonder how it'll look like with no legacy x86 code bogging it down.

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