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Windows For Microsoft, the traditional desktop is old news. It's on its way out, it's legacy, and the harder they claim the desktop has equal rights, the sillier it becomes. With companies, words are meaningless, it's actions that matter, and here Microsoft's actions tell the real story. The company has announced the product line-up for Visual Studio 11, and the free Express can no longer be used to create desktop applications. Message is clear.
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RE[2]: gifted horse's mouth
by WereCatf on Tue 22nd May 2012 10:40 UTC in reply to "RE: gifted horse's mouth"
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I think you miss Thom's point. He's pissed that VS Express 11 only supports Metro apps because it means that MS is emphasizing Metro over Desktop apps. Thom doesn't like that direction.

I think he overplays it because the non-free VS editions support desktop apps, and the free VS Express 2010 supports desktop apps and will continue to be supported and made available for downloading, along with the Metro-only 11 edition. It's not like support for building desktop apps is being terminated.

I have to agree here. The first thing that came to my mind when I read the article is that this is really reaching for the straws, trying to portray this as something bigger than it is.

Basically, Microsoft is doing what any sane business would do: by giving people a free IDE for developing Metro applications they ensure that there'll be atleast some people developing for it, while at the same time they realize that not everyone is content with developing for Metro and thus they can generate some income from these developers. In other words it's just god damn basic business operation.

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