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Google "What is interesting is that you can use the new system to play around and notice that Microsoft doesn't always seem to take down from its search engine, Bing, the same links that it orders Google to takedown." Funny, but since Microsoft outsources their takedown requests to a different company, most likely just a case of the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing.
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by cfgr on Sun 27th May 2012 17:23 UTC
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Ah, Microsoft is just being efficient by letting Google do all the removal work, the links will disappear from Bing soon enough ;)

More seriously, given Microsoft's reputation, it wouldn't surprise me that this is some sort of bureaucratic "DoS" attack. Just compare the number of requests from Microsoft with the others, it's an order of magnitude bigger for something they don't really care about. A pirated windows is still better than Linux. And for content alone, one would expect the RIAA/MPAA to be on top.

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