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Amiga & AROS Good interview with Steven Solie - this bit stood out to me: "Although Hyperion has been using serial numbers for copies of AmigaOS since 4.0, it won't reveal sales numbers. Solie's 'personal guess' is that the system has 2000-5000 users. 'If you include all the various Amiga clones and emulators we would probably be talking about around 10000 users [in] total,' he adds, 'it is really difficult to judge because a majority of the users are rather quiet.'" Fascinating number - lower than I anticipated.
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RE[8]: LOWER than you expected?
by MOS6510 on Sat 2nd Jun 2012 19:15 UTC in reply to "RE[7]: LOWER than you expected?"
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Mine (KCS Powerboard IIRC) should still be in my Amiga 500 I guess. At least that makes it easy to identify which of the couple Amiga 500s I have is my original one.

As I recall it was activated from the Amiga OS. In advance you could tweak some settings and then launch an application that booted the PC card.

It was quite slow video wise. VGA/256 (or was it 16?) colors was very slow, but I remember playing F-19 Stealth Fighter pretty well in 4 color mode.

Stuff like WordPerfect, dBase and Lotus 123 ran fine.

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Why play F-19, when you could spend hours playing F18-Interceptor and Carrier Command? ;)

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F-18 Interceptor was a great game, but a bit, well, short. IIRC 5 missions or so? But it was great fun flying it.

Actually I prefer F-19 Stealth Fighter on the Commodore 64. The 3D world had a lot of detail. Probably the best C64 flight simulator, if you can call it that as is simulating a plane that didn't exist officially and turned out to be the F-117. I actually bought this game and still have it somewhere.

Twin Tornado (C64) was also great flying and recently I played F-15 Strike Eagle on the C64 and bombed Libya!

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