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Apple After a proper teardown, iFixit concludes that the new MacBook Pro has no user-serviceable parts at all, which some think is a really bad thing. I honestly don't know - I mean, my ZenBook isn't particularly user-serviceable either, and my smartphones, tablets, and whatnot are pretty much entirely soldered together as well. What do you guys make of this?
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Out of luck with my powerbook 17
by hashnet on Thu 14th Jun 2012 11:25 UTC
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My '2003 PowerBook clock battery, is now failing, making the clock reset to 1970 (as per unix date command) each time it is off main battery and power cord.
I thought, no biggie, I'll just swap it. Thing is, it is encased in a module, termed "backup battery board" that also has a side USB port.
I'll have to desolder/solder the new battery.

Still, for a component that's 9 year old, it's what I call user-serviceable!

Oddly enough, my TiBook '2001 is still chugging along happily ;)

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Why don't you just sync by ntp on startup? This is a thing I do on every machine I install, be it with a good RTC or not.

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Exactly what I'm doing until 'the fix'!

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