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Legal In the Used Soft GmbH v. Oracle International Corp. case, the Court of Justice of the EU ruled today that it is okay to resell software, regardless of clauses in the software license. This is a pretty big deal, and further affirms that a software license is not necessarily binding. Great news for European consumers.
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We have rights too
by Alfman on Wed 4th Jul 2012 02:15 UTC
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Ideally, if DRM interferes with our right to resell software (or any fair use rights for that matter), then the publisher ought to be legally required to work with customers on a case by case for free in order to help us exercise our rights under the law. We should be entitled to compensation should any publisher continue to violate *our* rights after fair use requests.

Not that I want "compensation", quite the opposite, I want access my fair use rights under the law. Trouble today is that ignoring consumer fair use rights has become standard operating practice. Many software companies habitually take away consumer rights they're not authorised to in the first place. Without a monetary threat, they're likely to continue being irrespectful of our rights.

Companies ask customers to respect their rights, the least they can do is respect ours as well.

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