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RISC OS Good news for Raspberry Pi owners (ha!): the RISC OS port is progressing along nicely. So much so, in fact, that a Raspberry Pi-based RISC OS machine is in the works. Stable beta release of RISC OS for the Pi planned for September!
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by Coxy on Fri 13th Jul 2012 04:36 UTC
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was the best OS ever... but it has had it's day.

Shame, but it's true. IF only someone would port chocks away to the pc ;)

What made me laugh was that this risc os event was held ina church... a very small church. Years a go you could go to wembley, to the exhibition centre... now it seems that a small church or community center will surfice.

Always see the same 12 people in attendance too. And I thought attendance at the "big" RISC OS event in wakefield were sad. Poor risc os, someone should take it into the backgarden and shoot it.

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by MikeCarter on Fri 13th Jul 2012 15:44 in reply to "RISC OS"
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Gee, no one's acting like RISC OS is competing with other OSs in anyway; Why should it anyway? The OS landscape is different world compared to days gone by. Can't a man have a hobby?

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by bhtooefr on Sun 15th Jul 2012 22:45 in reply to "RE: RISC OS"
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I agree that it's a hobby OS nowadays... but there are crazy people that are convinced that RISC OS will rise again and beat Windows, and that preemptive multitasking is bad because someone saw Vista on a Pentium III, and it sucked.

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