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Legal "While the court referral has attracted the lion share of attention, my weekly technology law column reports that there is an alternate secret strategy in which Canada plays a key role. According to recently leaked documents, the EU plans to use the Canada - EU Trade Agreement, which is nearing its final stages of negotiation, as a backdoor mechanism to implement the ACTA provisions. The CETA IP chapter has already attracted attention due to EU pharmaceutical patent demands that could add billions to provincial health care costs, but the bigger story may be that the same chapter features a near word-for-word replica of ACTA." Democracy? Bah humbug!
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RE[6]: You need help!
by zima on Tue 17th Jul 2012 23:59 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: You need help!"
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Thank you very much, that is the series I had in mind! ;) (it also has a PL Wiki art there, among the very few, so maybe I'm not the only one feeling nostalgic - mostly for early 90s in my case, IIRC ...but you know, to me then, the world depicted in the series still seemed a bit like from the future, I think ;/ )

Weird thing that, while remembering the father from Danger Bay, I didn't connect him with BSG doc. Perhaps just how the time isn't kind on us, wasn't kind on him.

Thanks for those 3 suggestions, I might check them out ;p ...and I also stumbled on and - that might keep me busy.

And overall, I do think that places are partly reflected in the media they produce. Of course that's certainly not the case with all the titles I mentioned - with 70s it was just about the hippy (which I know was played by a Canadian ...though, Wisconsin isn't that far geographically, perhaps it blends over both ways? ;p), similar with Stargates (even if they sometimes alluded to the connection), or the redshirt in Chicago (just that, nothing more - BTW, IIRC, it had a hilarious twist with how it was usually produced in Toronto except for the episodes with action in... Toronto - those were filmed in... Chicago ;) )

But... the Nikita series from a decade+ ago seemed quite distinct from the usual US-made (or ~ordered) series - and it definitely differs from the present Nikita series, which seems "very US" indeed (even if it's also being shot in Canada, I think...). eXistenZ and Cube, also seem outside the usual US influence (not sure about Screamers - but, Roy Dupuis made it "very Canadian" either way ;p )

I'd say it depends on the part of Canada, it's a big country (in terms of area, IIRC Canada is about the same size as all of Europe). I'm personally a fan of low population density, so I'd recommend just about any place east of Quebec City.

Or North of the populated ~belt near US border? (seems we're getting back to northern truckers after all)

my understanding is that it's generally easier to immigrate to Canada than to the US

And you know, many would prefer Canada...

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