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Features, Office So, Office 2013 is a desktop application with a new look (which I personally happen to like, ridiculous 'streaming' installation notwithstanding). Then there's OneNote MX - the first Metro Office application. It uses a rather interesting contextual radial menu to get things done - quite fascinating. It's in the Windows Store starting now. I've been playing with it for a bit, and I must say, there's a huge chance I'll be writing my OSNews articles in OneNote MX from now on; the ability to have multiple different text areas and pictures like in a real-world note/clipbook is very, very useful. Nice that it syncs across devices, too. Be sure to take a look - this is an indication of a possible future Metro Office.
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Have to admit
by on Wed 18th Jul 2012 08:56 UTC
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I've got to say, I have to admit the dial selector is pretty sweet. The eyecandy is impressive, the interface is neat, the functionality is interesting, and it seems reasonably practical and even a little fun.

Trouble is that I don't need OneNote for anything. Why is the only Microsoft Produced Metro app that I've seen done really well an app I doubt I'll ever use again.

Seriously, if IE 10 was half as slick and wasn't so damn buggy I might actually take an interest.

Oh well. Pleasantly surprised by Office 2013, not exactly blown away, but I'll use it over 2010, so a marginal victory there.

In the meantime OneNote did precisely one useful thing for me - introduce me to the Microsoft Store - where everything seems to be free for the moment.

Seriously Microsoft - you should have called it 'App Center' or 'Metropolis' or something.

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RE: Have to admit
by l3v1 on Wed 18th Jul 2012 09:00 in reply to "Have to admit"
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Haha "Metropolis" +1 ;)

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RE[2]: Have to admit
by arpan on Wed 18th Jul 2012 13:34 in reply to "RE: Have to admit"
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I've seen similar dial selectors a few times for use with tablets. I think Autodesk Sketchbook Pro: ( ) was the first time I came across it several years ago. There are probably earlier examples as well.

There are two or three different radial selectors in that app. See the bottom left of this screen:

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RE: Have to admit
by AmigaBlitter on Wed 18th Jul 2012 16:00 in reply to "Have to admit"
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I designed a similar functionaloty years ago, trying to create another ui for the AmigaOS. I should have a video somewhere...

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RE[2]: Have to admit
by Pro-Competition on Wed 18th Jul 2012 16:17 in reply to "RE: Have to admit"
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Please post some more information about this. I remember some talk on Amiga forums (years ago) about radial menus, and I've always thought it was a good idea.

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RE: Have to admit
by gedmurphy on Wed 18th Jul 2012 16:05 in reply to "Have to admit"
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Isn't this taken directly from their Courier tablet?

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