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Games Interesting. The Verge summarises the loads of news and rumours coming out of OnLive today - much of the staff seems to have been laid off, and an acquisition could be imminent. Who will it be? Apple? Google? Microsoft? EA? Valve? CommodoreUSA?
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RE: Really an aquisition.
by bassbeast on Sun 19th Aug 2012 23:40 UTC in reply to "Really an aquisition."
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What would Valve do with it? they are already making money hand over fist and if the rumors are true old Gabe is gonna come out with a Steambox thus won't need this. EA recently put themselves up for sale, so no dice there, Apple? i can't see them seeing any value in this except for any possible patents, same with MSFT. And Google? Unless they roll out enough fiber I just don't see it working.

No most likely its a VC vulture that has come in to scoop up any patents and trolololo all over the place. makes sense and if anybody was buying it for the actual company they wouldn't be canning everyone without even doing interviews to see who to keep. Nope it smells like some VC patent troll to me.

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