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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless If there's one thing I miss in the current smartphone industry, it's design. Honest to good, real design. We basically see one boring slab after another, void of any true identity, whether it's iPhone, Samsung, or any of the others. In this boring world of grey, black, and the occasional white, Nokia is the jester, coming up with its own unique designs and crazy colour selection. Today, the company unveiled the Lumia 920 and 820 to continue this trend.
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RE[5]: Still depressing
by MOS6510 on Thu 6th Sep 2012 06:42 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Still depressing"
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Btw, with any old nokia you don't even have to copy over the picture to the harddrive. You just plug in the cable or connect with bluetooth and open the picture directly from the phone.

Not sure you'd want to show pictures taken with an old Nokia phone, they'd be very bad and this badness will be magnified even more on a projection screen.

If a teacher working with Linux computers wants to take pictures with a mobile phone and show them on a Linux computer he'd better make sure the mobile phone he wants to buy can do this.


I see nothing wrong with putting pictures on Facebook and showing them in a classroom.

I have a lot of Apple stuff at home and prefer Linux to Windows, but my son has a Windows computer (and an iMac!), because all kinds of educational stuff only runs on Windows. If your school works with Linux they'll have a lot more/worse problems than showing kids pictures taken on some trip.

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RE[6]: Still depressing
by masennus on Thu 6th Sep 2012 06:56 in reply to "RE[5]: Still depressing"
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Bad pictures? Are you trying to be funny? Old nokia in this context includes phones like N8, N9 and the mighty 808 pureview. And at least 50 other models producing pictures way better than a projector will be able to show anyway.

Phones where these kind of things, you know, just work. Which old nokia customers are likely to assume will continue to work on any new nokia, and they will be disappointed.

But ok, since microsoft is desperately trying to invent ways to lock in their existing customers before they loose them we might as well just let them. They will surely win anyway, resistance is futile. Who am I to dream of a technology world where there is diversity and choise, made possible by working interoperability standards.


I spoke with the headmaster, the only problem with using linux he remembered was when pupuils sometimes work on a text at home and brings it back to school, the formatting might be off if they were using an incompatible word processor at home. I suggested that he could suggest to parents that they install the same wordprocessor at home that the school uses, since it is free and available for all operating systems. Good idea, he said.

Not too unreasonable request in my opinion, anyway much more reasonable than requiring people to buy a program that might not even be available for the os you are using.

Of course there could be problems in countries where people have already given in to vendor lock-in. What you are saying seems to be that it is too late to change anything where you live. Sad.

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RE[7]: Still depressing
by MOS6510 on Thu 6th Sep 2012 07:21 in reply to "RE[6]: Still depressing"
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When you mention "old Nokia phones" I assumed you meant old Nokia phone. The 808 was released earlier this year. Maybe "previous models" describes better what you mean.

But apparently more current Nokia models can be made to work with Linux, if the Linux distribution is also current.

If you're very fond of standards and openness then go for it. If more and more people do this then companies will go with it too if those kinds of products sell more.

Not having standard connectivity between a Nokia Lumia and a Linux PC is currently for must people not a problem or a factor when buying.

I'll agree with you that the world would be nice and happier if everything was based on open standards and would be compatible with each other, but the world isn't like that and until it is you have to pay attention what you buy based on what you want to do with it.

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RE[7]: Still depressing
by MOS6510 on Thu 6th Sep 2012 09:25 in reply to "RE[6]: Still depressing"
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My previous reply was made before your edit.

The software my kid uses on his Windows PC is nothing to do with his school, it's just some educational stuff my wife wants him to do to get some extra education.

I know they only use Windows at school, so I wouldn't be surprised that parents/kids that don't use Windows will run in to some problems at some point in time.

For me this isn't a big deal as I'm technical savvy and have loads of idle hardware. It is nasty for people that don't have these mental and physical recourses. In that case I agree with you that, certainly on the educational level, open and free standards should be the way.

But I don't think a Nokia Lumia is part of our kids education. Any normal camera with a memory card should have no problems getting them on a Linux PC.

As I mentioned before apparently you can hook up a Lumia to a Linux PC and access its media.

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RE[6]: Still depressing
by Dekonega on Thu 6th Sep 2012 18:20 in reply to "RE[5]: Still depressing"
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I see nothing wrong with putting pictures on Facebook and showing them in a classroom.

That's a huge privacy and rights violation. Who in their right mind would do that?

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