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Windows "Asus has a trio of Windows 8 tablets on deck for the holidays, but the pricing is so high - $599 to $1299 for a hybrid - that it's going to be nearly impossible to compete in the marketplace. We were leaked Asus' holiday roadmap and the slide below tells the tale." If this is for real, Windows 8 is screwed in the tablet space. Nobody is going to buy a Windows tablet at prices higher than the iPad.
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Asus is making a bold statement with this pricing, should it be genuine, that can yield a very subtle but significant insight about the current state of the PC market. By pricing it this high, they either 1) have a very specific niche in mind, or 2) are saying that for most people tablets + keyboards vs. proper laptops are essentially the same and unnoticeable. If the latter, that would be the ultimate statement in the whole "are tablets PC's" war: definitely, irrevocably "yes!"

Of course, Asus can say whatever they want, but whether the market agrees is another matter. On the other hand, market failure does not necessarily imply that most people reject the product because they still find substantial differences between laptops and convertible tablets. WP7 is failing yet it's an amazing, eye-catching platform.

All that said, I think the conclusion that Windows 8 will be screwed in tablet space is premature. First of all, isn't MS releasing its own tablet? The pricing may yet be more reasonable on that. Second, I'm pretty suspicious of ZDNet's evidence. For all we know, that road map could be for Asus vendors in a minor foreign market where products are priced in USD (or AUD or CDN; they're all almost the same now) but where costs are very high. It could also drastically change. But then again, I don't deal with speculation like this usually so perhaps this is solid evidence as far as tech rumors go.

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The only way I see tablets being worthwhile is if two things happen:

- Having a keyboard, which makes them laptops with detachable screens

- Not having walled gardens, allowing the same type of free use you get with standard computers.

So in the end, the question is why pay 500 euros for less freedom just to browse the web on the sofa?

PS: Today at the gym, a girl was using a tablet (Dell Latitude ST) to enter some data, it took her the double of the time than using a keyboard.

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PS: Today at the gym, a girl was using a tablet (Dell Latitude ST) to enter some data, it took her the double of the time than using a keyboard.

And yet she still used it. That's my point. I don't disagree with you otherwise (well, actually, my ideal would be a Linux tablet w/ Bluetooth mini keyboard a la Nokia Maemo series).

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