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Hardware, Embedded Systems If there's one over-used buzzword currently making the rounds in the technology industry, it's 'post-PC world' - or the notion that desktops and laptops are a dying breed. Todd Bradley, executive vice president of HP's printing and personal systems group, thinks this is a nonsensical notion - and he's right.
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RE[9]: Its mostly happened
by ilovebeer on Mon 24th Sep 2012 15:38 UTC in reply to "RE[8]: Its mostly happened"
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So like I said, sales were slowing before tablets came into play.

No, that's not the same thing. There is a difference between distance traveled, speed you are traveling at and how fast you are accelerating or breaking. What you are doing is saying a car reducing its acceleration, but still increasing its speed, was braking.

No, what I am saying is that the decline was already present before tablets and was not noticeably accelerated because of tablets. That is plain & simple fact.

Why do you keep dramatizing the slowing? There was and is no "huge downtick". It's like feeling a light misty rain and you're telling everyone it's a downpour.

2011 vs 2010 growth 11.2%
2012 vs. 2011 growth -1.%

That's not a light misty rain, that's a devastating collapse in sales. That combined with the huge growth in smartphone sales has led parts manufacturers to shift focus.

Two enormous problems with your theory... One, there's no sign of devastation. There's not even any sign of serious concern. And two, none of the companies in these two markets have said anything that remotely agrees with your claim. I guess they're too busy raking in piles of cash to notice the "devastating collapse happening all around them.

As for the economy, were it the economy we should have seen a sharp drop in 08-09 and then an increase in 2010, 2011...

The economy is part of it, not the entire thing. And it would be extremely foolish on your part to suggest the economy wasn't a factor when we know for a fact it was. This is not exactly a secret.

...Again... You really really want to believe tablets have killed PCs. And again, you ignore any facts that opposed your theory and refuse to understand that tablets and PCs aren't the same thing/interchangeable, and have separate markets. No amount of deniable will change the fact that the PC market continues to sell hundreds of millions of units per year with profits in the billions. Now how exactly would this be possible with the PC market was experiencing a "devastating collapse in sales"? It wouldn't.

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