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Mozilla & Gecko clones "Just under a month ago I wrote a personal post about my thoughts on Firefox OS and why I think there is something 'magical' about what it stands for and the possibilities it brings to the table. This post is a follow-up that aims to cover much of the same ground but with extra detail and more of a technical focus."
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"As much as I like the idea of a truly open Phone-OS I am not quite convinced that it will be as open as Mozilla wants it to be, due to the other players they have to deal with."

This is why they are doing it, to prevent it from becoming even less open.

They are working on making every API available as a W3C standard. You want to have access to the webcam from Firefox OS ? You do that the same way any normal webpage/browser would do it. Because there is a W3C standard for that. I believe it is called: getUserMedia

And it is available on Chrome, Opera and Firefox.

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I wonder if they'll succeed with that. And even if, how long it will take until all these "standards" are really working reliable in other browsers/OSs. I just fail to see what iOS or Android would gain from implementing them, as they already have enough native apps.

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Webkit, the open source project includes it I think.

The Safari and Chromium/Chrome developers will (or have already) made it work on the desktop/laptop.

Why would the for example the iOS developers not enable it ?

I assume the library for getting the stream is the same on iOS as on the Mac OS X desktop/laptop.

They have not prevented something from available on Safari on iOS before.

They however did limit the number of HTTP-connections a hybrid application (HTML5 application with native wrapper -> aka webview) can make. I'm not sure why.

The replacement rate of the feature phones was about 2 years, for smartphones this is a little longer.

So in a couple of years many will.

Also getUserMedia is also used for: webrtc. Which allows webdevelopers and app developers to quickly build video/voice chat applications and is almost 1 to 1 compatible with VoIP:

To allow this it will also add P2P support to the HTML5-stack (yes browser to browser encrypted connections which support audio, video and data which could also be files).

There is a lot of interrest from the Telco's in webrtc, because they think it is a way to prevent OTT (over the top) providers like Whatsapp.

And the developers of Skype/Lync (Microsoft) and Google Talk seem to have a lot of interrest in using it too.

The audio quality is better than what is currently available on all the others because a new and better codec has been developed.

Many apps are also build as hybrid apps to allow easy crossplatform app building.

And I've not seen Apple or Google close their appstore to developers to prevent people from uploading even more apps ;-)

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