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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Ubuntu 12.10 has been released, sporting the rather... Interesting tagline 'Avoid the pain of Windows 8'. Two main features are that websites can now be treated as actual applications, integrating them into Unity. The divide between local and online content when searching has also been softened, which, they claim, makes it easier to find what you're looking for. On the server side, it includes the Folsom release of OpenStack, "Cinder, for block storage and Quantum, a virtual networking API. Ubuntu's Metal-as-a-Service bare-metal provisioning tool has been updated and now supports Calxeda hyperscale hardware based on ARM".
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In Australia we say "Opinions are like arseholes - everyone has one."

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There's a second part to that where I come from:
Opinions are like arseholes. Everyone has one, but no one wants to look at anyone else's.

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Here in the great state of Georgia, USA it's more blunt: "...everyone has one and they all stink."

Back to the topic at hand, I agree that it's all open source software repackaged. Picking one distro over the other shouldn't lead to fights, it's just a matter of which one works best in your situation.

And that's my, opinion. ;)

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