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In the News The desktop and laptop world is dominated by x86, the mobile/embedded world by ARM. Conventional wisdom, right? Not really. There's also MIPS - hundreds of millions of embedded devices run on MIPS, and for years now, the architecture has been trying to break into the mobile world dominated so much by ARM. They just a got a boost: MIPS has been acquired by Imagination Tech, most known for its PowerVR graphics chips used in a lot of smartphones and tablets.
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Yeah, you should use some better word to describe it :p

"nothing better" = "leading" is not a particularly glamorous criterion to meet.

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Leading literally means leading - they have the most advancement and effort at the moment (amongst GNU/Linux distros focused on mobile). It doesn't mean already super mature, ideal or perfect. But it's not accidentally that they were chosen by Plasma Active and Jolla as a base.

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While true, it doesn't really convey the reality of the situation, what this word usually implies...

Likewise Natami (using a more extreme example) is leading recreations of the Amiga. Or (less extreme) Haiku is the leading BeOS recreation project. Out in the world, this doesn't translate to much (yet? Maybe, but then OPIE or GPE was also a "leading ~mobile Linux" not a long time ago).

"Most active" is probably what better describes reality.

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