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In the News Hard to believe, but articles are popping up at business websites claiming that venerable Hewlett-Packard may fail. In their most recent fiasco, HP wrote off a loss of $8.8 of their $11.1 US billion acquisition of Autonomy and have alleged fraud in the deal. Revenue is down 7% from a year ago and the stock has hit a 10-year low. The company is laying off 27K employees but that may not be enough. Some speculate HP might be broken up into parts with buy-outs involved. This article from last May offers a good in-depth analysis of how all these problems came to pass.
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RE[2]: I'm not dead yet!
by johndoe445566 on Sat 24th Nov 2012 14:36 UTC in reply to "RE: I'm not dead yet!"
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The didn't "fail", they committed suicide.

Nobody is happy about what happened with Palm/WebOS. The fact is that Palm phones and the Touchpad were not succeeding in the marketplace at prices above the cost of production. Reasonable people can disagree on whether HP should have kept trying, or if they made the best of a bad situation by not throwing good money after bad. My heart wishes they had kept trying, but my head understands why they didn't.

I still believe Microsoft was behind all of that

Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.

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