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Linux Software for the Raspberry Pi is quickly moving forward. Beyond the several core Linux distros, another couple dozen systems are available, with NetBSD, FreeBSD, and Chromium imminently stepping into the mix. (Ubuntu will not join them as it requires ARMv7 and the Pi is ARMv6). Two dozen programming languages are available, including Python, Perl, Java, Ruby 1.9.2, BASIC, and more. Since the Pi is a full fledged ARM computer, it should run nearly any ARM app within its system requirements. See the RPi Wiki or Foundation website for more info.
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Yep, have 3 raspi's sitting in the cupboard collecting dust. I replaced them with mini-itx boards with i3 low power processors. These use a bit more power at 35 watts, and cost a little more (but not much) but at least they do what they claim and work ten thousands times better and I can run whatever I want on them.

Any suggestions you could link to for inexpensive stuff that'll run XBMC and some emulators well?

(At least Snes9x and preferrably Mupen64Plus since our N64 controllers wore out but PCSX2 would be nice too since we've worn out Sony's patience for free PS2 DVD drive replacements)

My brothers really want a home theatre setup but, once you factor in the heat from an old big-screen HDTV and an old 5.1 receiver, the high-TDP Athlon64 3300+ that they got for free makes it too much of a heat source to use in the summer without air-conditioning.

Switching to a really cool-running HTPC would probably be enough to solve the problem.

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