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In the News News Corp. has just announced its iPad-only newspaper The Daily will be closed down. What do you know, a platform-specific publication fails in the internet era. I totally did not see this coming at all. Times are changing, people. Platform-specific is so 2007.
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RE[5]: Almost completely wrong
by Laurence on Tue 4th Dec 2012 01:19 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Almost completely wrong"
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Haha... That's like laughing at a buggy-whip maker for only supporting one maker of carriage and claiming that's why they failed.

That would be a pretty dumb move and would almost certainly contribute to them failing when other buggy-whip makers are producing the same quality (or better) whips that work on all carriages.

1) Look at the challenges facing other "open" news sites on the web if you want to see what a challenge papers are facing in terms of monetization. They can't decide if they should be free with ads, behind a wall, or what.

If anything, that just proves that there's room for other business models so that means that The Daily failed because of some other business decision; likely the fact that only a fraction of people connected to the net had access to the paper.

2) As everyone mentions, this is a Murdoch rag. I took a look at it when it came out - the writing and general content was terrible, and given the particular direction they were taking that was unlikely to change.

Sadly most people don't give a rats arse about the quality of the reporting.

The Daily Mail is famously one of the worst papers factually and The Sun is one of the worst papers for reporting quality. Yet both are two of the most successful publications in Britain (in fact, The Daily Mail is fast becoming -if not already- one of the most popular online publications too).

3) The iPad angle is irrelevant in a news industry that's trying to find its way - unless you have an example of a newspaper for Android that has just monetized like a beast? (Not to mention they have an Android version as mentioned elsewhere.)

Only targeting Android would equally be stupid. Thom's comment about the iPad wasn't a dig at the iPad (so you Apple fanboys can stop chucking your toys out the pram). He was simply saying that these days people have such a range of platforms (and not just in terms of the OS running on tablets, but in terms of computing paradigms too; be that netbooks, laptops, desktops, smart phones, games consoles, smart TVs and so on), thus targeting one niche within a niche is automatically restricting your audience. And it doesn't take a business genius to tell you that the key to a successful product is targeting the widest demographic you can.

In short, if you intentionally restrict the numbers of users; then you have to expect only a small number of adopters. It's genuinely that simple.

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