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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "For a seventh consecutive month, the Samsung Galaxy S III is the most popular smartphone in the United Kingdom. The data compiled by uSwitch is based on live searches, pre-orders, as well as postpaid sales. Curiously, Apple's current smartphone flagship is not even second. The iPhone 5 is outperformed by its predecessor, whose lower price and improved contract offers helped it remain appealing. The Samsung Galaxy S II completes the quartet at the top. The rest of the top ten smartphones is entirely an Android party. It includes the Google Nexus 4, who entered the rankings a solid fifth. The second half of the top ten includes the Samsung Galaxy Ace, Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Sony Xperia U, HTC One X, as well as the Samsung Galaxy Ace 2." This is getting ridiculous, and it's not good for the market. For the love of Fiona, people, buy something that's not Android. I don't want to live in an Android-dominated smartphone world.
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The custom skinning by carriers has caused no end of grief (often worse than the vanilla Android experience and delays releases often for months) and is partly to blame for the wide range of Android releases still active in the wild.

I keep hearing this, but I keep asking where all the non-carrier/non-Nexus based Android tablets are that are running stock Android and with unlocked bootloaders. Nobody seems to have an answer, except maybe those bottom-of-the-barrel cheap Chinese pieces of shit tablets that nobody wants. The fact is that Google is ENCOURAGING this vendor bloatware bullshit, so I'm putting the blame squarely on them.

As far as I'm concerned, there are only 3 Android devices currently on the market:

- Nexus 4
- Nexus 7
- Nexus 10

The rest are suck-ass, FrankenAndroid devices.

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