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Windows Desktop users deserve a significant rethink of the Windows 8 gaffes and omissions for the next version of Windows, writes InfoWorld's Woody Leonhard, offering 10 must-have features for Windows 9. From a "Get out of hell" modal dialog to prevent unwanted jumping to Metro, to a Control Panel that actually controls the kinds of things you would want a Control Panel to control, it's 'due time we diehards speak out.' What's your feedback for the Windows dev team as it puts together its Windows 9 (or "Windows Blue"?) specs.
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RE[2]: 8 ui = blech!
by AnythingButVista on Wed 5th Dec 2012 14:02 UTC in reply to "RE: 8 ui = blech!"
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Most Windows users are completely unaware of the existence of alternate PC operating systems.

Most Windows users would rather spend more time using their computers than hacking them.

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