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Windows The release of the software giant's new operating system will be one of Microsoft's most important product launches this decade, when it goes live next year. But despite the product's myriad new features and functionality, current market trends could inhibit initial adoption of Vista, PC industry analysts say.
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RE: thecounter seems wrong
by chemical_scum on Wed 2nd Nov 2005 17:51 UTC in reply to "thecounter seems wrong"
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How does thecounter count?

It counts hits on their counters. They provide a counter service for your website at a modest fee. I guess people who use the service will be small businesses and home users with money to waste who don't know how to set up a free counter.

There will be an obvious selection bias in the statistics produced as the sample set will not necessarily be representative of the web as a whole.

In October they reported about 80 million hits, my guess this is << 1% of Noth American web traffic, so in that sense it is quite a small sample.

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RE[2]: thecounter seems wrong
by rcsteiner on Wed 2nd Nov 2005 20:04 in reply to "RE: thecounter seems wrong"
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In other words, its biased towards semi-technical home users.

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