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Hardware, Embedded Systems Asus is the company that shook up the laptop market a couple of years ago with their introduction of the EeePC netbook. And with their announcement that they will no longer be producing netbooks in 2013, Charles Arthur over at the Guardian UK has declared that the netbook era has now come to an end. Sad news for those of us who still love our netbooks! Harry McCracken over at Time Mag thinks they'll be back. Anybody who spends time wiping the smears off their tablet's touchscreen might agree.
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netbook like the eee pc
by dvhh on Thu 3rd Jan 2013 03:22 UTC
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Were the pinnacle of Intel failing the open source community. By choosing a closed spec graphic chipset. And to prove how bloated was vista at that time.
But they were also a promise of inexpensive computer that fitted 90% of computer user at that time.

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RE: netbook like the eee pc
by zima on Thu 3rd Jan 2013 19:45 in reply to "netbook like the eee pc"
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That was really the case only with PowerVR-based Intel GFX chipset - which was used only in minority of netbooks, IIRC. Most used i845 or the like, with Intel GFX hardware and nice OSS drivers.

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RE[2]: netbook like the eee pc
by Gusar on Thu 3rd Jan 2013 21:50 in reply to "RE: netbook like the eee pc"
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Pretty much all Intel netbooks on the market today are CedarView, which means PowerVR chip. So no, not "minority", quite the opposite.
The few that aren't CedarView are Pineview - GMA3150, basically an i945 moved into the CPU, in other words quite crappy (no hardware vertex shaders, no hardware video decode, generally low performance).

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