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OSNews, Generic OSes "LG said today it was acquiring WebOS from Hewlett-Packard, with the intention to use the operating system not for its mobile phones, but in its smart televisions. With the deal, LG obtains the source code for WebOS, related documentation, engineering talent, and related WebOS Web sites. LG also gets HP licenses for use with its WebOS products, and patents HP obtained from Palm. The financial terms of the deal weren't disclosed." Completely and utterly pointless. Smart TVs are a dead end. The TV should just remain a dumb receiver for input - whether from a computer or console via cables, or wirelessly from a smartphone or tablet. Our phones and tablets are already smart so TVs don't have to be.
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by moondevil on Mon 25th Feb 2013 16:55 UTC in reply to "HTML5"
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All doomed to fail...

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RE[2]: HTML5
by No it isnt on Mon 25th Feb 2013 18:52 in reply to "RE: HTML5"
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I wouldn't bet on it. Apart from the games, most of the important mobile apps, i.e. those that mainly are concerned with pushing information this way and that, could probably be written in HTML5.

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RE[3]: HTML5
by Nelson on Mon 25th Feb 2013 20:27 in reply to "RE[2]: HTML5"
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You can write apps in almost any language. I'm always confused by people who say "You can write this in HTML5" as if it's some grand achievement.

That's not and will never be the point. The point is to strike a balance between performance, reach, user experience, and developer productivity.

HTML5 feels alien nearly everywhere, to nearly every OS because it isn't native. The performance isn't up to par (despite microbenchmarking lunatics who think that scoring a few milliseconds more on SunSpider, which everyone optimizes for anyway, means JS is ready for prime time; its not).

How fast is HTML itself? How fast is traversing the DOM? How much of a modern UI toolkit needs to be reinvented *around* HTML5 to make this viable?

People think they can drop in some divs, style it with CSS, wire up some JS, and have a working app. Its a great deal more work than that, especially if your end goal is to not suck (a goal I doubt many supporters of HTML5 take seriously).

The really irritating part is that for a long time, crappy web developers have been more or less left to fuck up the web into 10 shades of shit. Now they want to do the same for app development. There is a higher standard here. If your app skips a beat, you won't be downloaded.

Tizen is dead. BlackBerry is as of right now, insignificant and their core focus is Qt+QML. Opera isn't really a driving force anymore because they through away their clout in switching to WebKit.

HTML5 isn't going to work folks. Lets get over with, pretend it never happened, stop cutting corners, and get back to being serious.

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RE[3]: HTML5
by moondevil on Mon 25th Feb 2013 20:31 in reply to "RE[2]: HTML5"
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HTML5 is the new WORA graal.

Write Once Hack and Feel Strange Everywhere.

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