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Linux Like many OSNews readers, I use Ubuntu. I also use several less popular distros. What is it like to use these lesser-known distros compared to the dominant systems? How does running, say, VectorLinux or Puppy or PC-BSD, differ from using Ubuntu or Fedora? This article offers a few ideas. Obviously, it broadly generalizes about distros for the purpose of discussion.
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RE: Ubuntu pulls an Apple
by Valhalla on Sun 31st Mar 2013 17:06 UTC in reply to "Ubuntu pulls an Apple"
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Using Unity on top of Mir, talks with Nvidia and Amd for graphics drivers, exclusivity for Steam, switch to Qt, we can see where this is heading.

'Exclusivity for Steam', where did you get this idea from? Steam is already out and it's not exclusive to Ubuntu, distros have also been given the go-ahead to repackage Steam in their repositories.

As for drivers, from what I've read they (Wayland/Mir) use the same base drivers and the same EGL interface, so on there should be no problem there.

Of course getting NVidia and AMD to write proprietary drivers for these new display servers is another story. Their big Linux customers are primarily doing 3D and GPU accelerated computations and likely couldn't care less if it's running X or Wayland/Mir and therefore won't ask for such support.

The Steambox could perhaps cause such a demand if Valve wanted to use Wayland/Mir but as it stands it will also use X (atleast in it's initial incarnation).

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Damn it, why'd I have to read the original comment, it was 10 times cooler when I thought that guy was a cosmonaut... on a crashed satellite. I was thinking ubuntu allows you to use steam in SPACE and update your drivers, that's frigging amazing.

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