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Microsoft "After years of domination, Microsoft is finally facing serious threats at the cores of its business, Office and Windows. Consumers and businesses alike are largely purchasing devices based on their capabilities and form factors rather than the software contained within. Windows is slowly becoming commoditized and Microsoft's traditional allies are looking at Android and Chrome OS as viable alternatives, a trend that threatens the Windows monopoly. Microsoft faces a tricky balancing act as it faces a future that's very different from its existing business." Good article by Tom Warren.
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RE: Chrome OS?
by wojtek on Mon 8th Apr 2013 19:09 UTC in reply to "Chrome OS?"
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don't forget all those corporations that are currently switching to android!... oh lord...

it's even worst assumption that idea of net router running android, which could boost it's networking capabilities (see kikstarter / android police)

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RE[2]: Chrome OS?
by bassbeast on Tue 9th Apr 2013 01:14 in reply to "RE: Chrome OS?"
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Am I the only one who reads these and hears Mel Brooks saying "Bullshit, bullshit, aaaaannnnd bullshit"? Do they have ANY idea how many fricking billions of dollars is tied up in Windows only software? the same goes for home users by the way, from little Johnny's pile of windows games to that software your grandma loves to make her little calendars with its ALL Windows only.

Frankly the ONLY one truly hurting Microsoft right now is Microsoft. Steve jobs said it more than 20 years ago "Microsoft doesn't have to lose for Apple to win" but I guess Ballmer didn't get that memo because he is so insanely focused on doing everything Apple does and getting Apple's customers (which will happen when hell freezes over, those guys are loyal as hell to the brand) that they are trashing their own company. Its completely bizarre and the fact that Ballmer can't see this is just an indication of the disconnect he has with the guys in the trenches. I mean sure they want to enter new markets but you do NOT get there by destroying the markets you already have, that's just crazy.

PCs aren't going anywhere, if anything its the opposite as what I'm seeing on the ground is everyone has PCs so incredibly powerful they just don't need a new one before the old one breaks, so there is still VERY good money to be made there and I would argue room for growth but as long as Microsoft has such a myopic vision and keeps listening to these goofballs in the press (who thought we would be buying everything from cat food to caskets online during the dotbomb, remember?) their numbers are gonna suck for the oldest reason in the book, you simply aren't giving the customer what they want.

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RE[3]: Chrome OS?
by moondevil on Tue 9th Apr 2013 07:02 in reply to "RE[2]: Chrome OS?"
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The old timers here remember this is similar to what happened to Dec (Vax) and also IBM.

Any company might be the giant in the room, but it won't last forever, even if it takes a few decades to fall.

Eventually something will come up and the company will either die (Dec) or adapt and survive while giving space for others (IBM).

Microsoft is still the giant in the room and it won't go away anytime soon, but how many decades will they still manage?

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