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Google Scoble on Glass. "This week I gave five speeches while wearing it. I passed through airports four times (two more in a couple of hours). I let hundreds of people try my Google Glass. I have barely taken it off since getting it other than to sleep." The basic takeaway? "I've been telling people that this reminds me of the Apple II, which I unboxed with my dad back in 1977. It was expensive. It didn't do much. But I knew my life had changed in a big way and would just get better and better. Already this week I've gotten a new RSS app, the New York Times App, and a Twitter app. With many more on the way. This is the most interesting new product since the iPhone and I don't say that lightly."
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RE: What if (or rather when)
by kwan_e on Sun 28th Apr 2013 13:27 UTC in reply to "What if (or rather when)"
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I was trained to use a HUD in a Fighter Aircraft. IT took a lot of effort to switch part of my brain to watching it, or rather pointers in the information stream otherwise I am sure we would have been shot down in pretty quick order.

So you're telling me games like F-22 Lightning II don't create a realistic HUD experience????

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RE[2]: What if (or rather when)
by shotsman on Sun 28th Apr 2013 15:57 in reply to "RE: What if (or rather when)"
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Ha-ha. A mere toy compared to the real thing.
Then you have this little thing called 'G' to contend with. Even real (multi-million $$$) simulators can only send a proportion of real 'G' through your body.

Until your driver(nee pilot, there's a good chap) has done an invert at 500kts and mumble mumble * feet above the ground, trying to even keep your eyes looking remotely where they should is a real challenge.

Just watch the video of Mr J Clarkson in the back seat of a fighter and you might realize how difficult it really is.

* where mumble-mumble is less than 500ft and you are flying over the Elan valley dams in Mid Wales, all totally illegal btw, but this was a long time ago.

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kwan_e Member since:

I guess the advice to Google Glass wearers is to not pull high Gs when walking down the street.

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