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Mac OS X "OS X 10.9, which is internally codenamed 'Cabernet', will focus on various 'power-user' enhancements and take core features from iOS, according to our sources. Unlike operating system updates such as OS X Leopard and OS X Lion, OS X 10.9 will likely not be an overhauled approach to how the operating system feels and functions." Features for power users and features from iOS? Seems like an oxymoron. Still, if they manage to finally fix the Finder and Spaces, I'll be happy.
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RE: Finder
by fithisux on Wed 1st May 2013 11:33 UTC in reply to "Finder"
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That is why a pure Darwin OS with X or DirectFB and some stock DE would make a difference. Apple could even charge for it in the form of a supported package or allow to boot to such an environment in their commercial CD and give a push to the OSS packagers.

They provide the source and have a fantastic OSS community but they are not able to take advantage. Why?

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RE[2]: Finder
by jared_wilkes on Wed 1st May 2013 23:14 in reply to "RE: Finder"
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How advantageous is it? And do they have to address it just because you want them too?

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