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Apple At the D11 conference, Apple CEO Tim Cook once again took the stage to be interviewed by Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher. While most of the interview can be replicated by picking and reading 10 random Apple fanblog stories - there were still a number of very interesting things that warrant some closer scrutiny.
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RE[4]: iTunes store on Android
by galvanash on Sat 1st Jun 2013 02:38 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: iTunes store on Android"
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iTunes is on Windows because it sells Apple HW (iPods, aTV and iPhones!).

Putting iTunes on Android would not sell Apple HW so they would never do it (IMO)

That was then, this is now:

Point being is that things change when the little operation you started and operated as a loss leader to help you halo hardware sales becomes profitable without you even trying...

Imagine what might happen if they actually tried to make money with iTunes... Like making it available on the platform that has close to 80% of the global market.

Its simple math.

Apple is not going to grow its global marketshare beyond 20% or so - it simply isn't going to happen. The absolute best they can hope to do is maintain their 20% now (and to be honest even maintaining 20% is probably a pipe dream).

So why continue running iTunes for the halo effect when they have hit the ceiling with it? It doesn't make ANY sense to do that, especially now that they have passed the break even point with it and it is a net revenue generator. Why on earth would you NOT try to grow it?

For every iPhone they sell right now there are 4 Android phones being sold. That gap is getting wider, not shrinking...

Again, its just math.

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