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Games Pretty cool stuff: the PlayStation 4 apparently runs on a version of FreeBSD 9.0 modified by Sony and renamed to 'Orbis OS'. Second generation developer kits use GNU GRUB to boot, and allow you to boot into a graphical or a console mode. Not much else is known at this point, but it's a fun bit of information, and perhaps a boon to homebrew developer and hackers.
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That's great news! And it would confirm my (semi-biased) belief that GPL isn't mandatory for companies to "do the right thing" - since publishing the source modifications benefits everyone, including the original author, when the bugs are squashed and code is improved.

I know there's a lot of Apple hate on these forums these days, but Apple do keep their BSD code changes open. Granted they don't actively push the code back upstream, but FreeBSD and co have implemented some of Apple's code.

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