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Google "Google's Chromebook was dismissed as a bare-bones laptop with limited appeal when it debuted two years ago. Now it's defying skeptics and gaining share as the rest of the personal-computer market shrinks. Chromebooks have in just the past eight months snagged 20 percent to 25 percent of the U.S. market for laptops that cost less than $300, according to NPD Group Inc. The devices, which have a full keyboard and get regular software updates from Google, are the fastest-growing part of the PC industry based on price, NPD said."
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RE[5]: Comment by smashIt
by chithanh on Thu 11th Jul 2013 15:04 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Comment by smashIt"
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sorry, but is there anyting to back up his claims?
all i see is a piece of opinion

That Stephen Baker who is quoted in the article is an analyst for the market research firm NPD Group. These firms typically collect sales data from various sources (manufacturers, distributors, retailers) and make forecasts based on that data. Unless you are a high-paying customer, you probably won't see any of it.

when i take a look at whats available in this lowest-price segment i don't get the feeling that thats a market with high grow rates
more like stagnant at best

Do you think that you can make better predictions than the market research firms?

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RE[6]: Comment by smashIt
by smashIt on Thu 11th Jul 2013 21:51 in reply to "RE[5]: Comment by smashIt"
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Do you think that you can make better predictions than the market research firms?

of course ;)

my prediction:
the alleged 10% growth is only a small hickup (at best)
the people who bought a netbook 5 years ago and didn't transition to tablets are now in the market for a new model
thats a rather small group and the only reason why the short-term 10% look so big is because that segment went through a drought for the last 2-3 years

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RE[7]: Comment by smashIt
by przemo_li on Fri 12th Jul 2013 20:26 in reply to "RE[6]: Comment by smashIt"
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Oh, you of the small faith ;) :

ACER OEM statement about situation in US.

5-10% of US based SHIPMENTS for Acer. (Not "netbook", not "notebook", just all of them)

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