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QNX According to a Computerworld article, BlackBerry is exploring putting itself up for sale, as the company falls into 4th place in the mobile market. IDC statistics that show Android leads the mobile market with nearly 80%, iOS has 13.2%, Windows Phone 3.7%, and BlackBerry 2.9%. Gartner analyst Bill Menezes states that even new ownership is "not going to address how the company restores itself."

One key asset BlackBerry owns is QNX, the real-time based OS it bought in 2010. QNX is microkernel based, versus the monolithic kernel used by many OS's like Linux. BlackBerry bases its tablet and phone OS's on QNX, which also remains a popular commercial OS for embedded systems.
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RE: Comment by Nelson
by StephenBeDoper on Fri 30th Aug 2013 17:26 UTC in reply to "Comment by Nelson"
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BBRY needed a strong partner with loads of cash, but they stubbornly and foolishly turned down Microsofts olive branch.

I seem to remember that Palm tried a similar approach & it wasn't exactly a resounding sucess for them:

Now they will die, Nokia will live, and the Canadian former powerhouse will be picked apart by the vultures.

The most valuable thing left there are the patents.

If it turns out anything like the Nortel aftermath, then you should be applauding - because there's a good chance that Microsoft will be one the vultures picking over RIM's corpse.

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