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Speaking at Microsoft's financial analysts meeting today, CEO Steve Ballmer was refreshingly realistic about the company's struggles in smartphones and tablets. "Mobile devices. We have almost no share."

Right. Now that Ballmer himself admits it, can we please settle the discussion? Windows Phone has been a failure up until now.

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WP8 isn't competing with Adroid or iOS
by unclefester on Mon 23rd Sep 2013 11:08 UTC
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Techies don't seem to understand that WP8/Nokia aren't trying to compete with Android and iOS. WP8/Nokia It isn't designed for hipsters or geeks. It is is a modern feature phone combination designed for people who just want to make calls, check emails, listen to music and take photos. It does that admirably at very low cost.

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Except that it does try to compete in that space. You could use the WP advertisements as examples, or you could take the phone itself with the same top-tier apps and features as the competition (minus a few big names like Instagram).

In many ways, WP does "smartphone" much better than Android or iOS; the downside is, it lacks in other areas the competition excels in. But claiming it's not a "smartphone" just to make it look better than it is, is disingenuous.

And don't think I'm trying to slam the platform out of distate. I actually really like WP7 (I have yet to try WP8 but from what I've read it's even better). I'm actually considering moving to a Lumia with WP8 now that it is the only real alternative to iOS and Android. I just don't go around making excuses for its pitfalls.

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