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Manual window management is awful. Windows 8 ditched windows in favor of fullscreen apps. Traditional desktop window paradigms are powerful but obsolete.

Windows 9 unifies previous contrasting paradigms, taking design cues from all platforms and recent innovations.

Just an unofficial design concept, but damn, this is sexy. This is exactly what Windows needs - a combination of the old and new, leading to something seemingly far more usable than the monstrosity that is Metro in Windows 8.

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Android is closer to that than Windows
by reduz on Wed 2nd Oct 2013 14:08 UTC
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Sooner or later, Google will have to implement window management in Android, as the other OEMS (and Samsung) are adding it by themselves to their launchers.

They should have done this ages ago, as Android is more than ready to be used as a desktop OS, but they risk cannibalizing the Chromebook market so it seems they are pushing it back as much as they can.

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Android apps don't support on-the-fly resizing: once a size (or more accurately DPI) is set, it is set.

Paranoid android does multitasking right, with Halo: pop-up a secondary app on to of the primary.

The only interesting missing feature in my mind is the fast switch between two apps, or snapping two apps side-by-side. People ask for multi-tasking when in fact "duo-tasking" is sufficient. The notification system should cover 99% of the reasons one would want to keep a third or fourth window displayed.

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Yes, actually, they do support re-sizing while running. How else would auto-rotate work with every app? ;)

Android just doesn't expose the feature properly for use when not rotating the screen.

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Sometimes I use 3 windows. Two browsers and 1 word procesor, 1 word processor and 2 spreadsheet. That is useful for those of us that use the computer for more than Facebook.

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