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This wasn't Grignon's typical route to work. He was a senior engineer at Apple in Cupertino, the town just west of Campbell. His morning drive typically covered seven miles and took exactly 15 minutes. But today was different. He was going to watch his boss, Steve Jobs, make history at the Macworld trade show in San Francisco. Apple fans had for years begged Jobs to put a cellphone inside their iPods so they could stop carrying two devices in their pockets. Jobs was about to fulfill that wish. Grignon and some colleagues would spend the night at a nearby hotel, and around 10 a.m. the following day they - along with the rest of the world - would watch Jobs unveil the first iPhone.

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"When did something come out of their labs (not purchased) that changed the world?

ever heared of windows?
or office?
maybe internet explorer?

Huh? No I've never heard of them. What was so groundbreaking about them? What was fresh and new? Nothing. I don't know if you were around in 1985 or not, but believe me there is nothing that impressive about Office or Windows except sales.

See Visicalc running on Apple II. Or better yet see the PFS group of products.

I had an atari xe in 1985 with an "office suite" and a printer. Big deal.

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Design is more than just pretty case and how something looks from the outside. Personally I do not find Apple products attractive at all.

Steve Jobs did not change a thing and there are many companies besides Apple that have contributed lot more to get us to where we are now. For example I would rate Digital lot higher than Apple in every possible way when you put all the achievements in real perspective.

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You ever talk to a hardware engineer? ever look inside of an apple product?

If you think apple is just putting existing tech in prettier cases, wouldn't everyone be able to do it? would doing that lead to such stellar customer satisfaction or build quality?

I think the technology landscape would be VERY different without apple and their many spin-off companies and technologies.

Deciding you don't like Apple or it's style is acceptable to me, no biggie. Denying them their place in computing history (and the present) is burying your head in the sand.

Why not read the linked article again? Tell me who else was making the iphone in 2006-07? Who else brought a multitouch internet pocket device to market? Who else demoed it in front of real people then put it on sale 6 months later? Who else fulfilled those orders?

All these things Apple supposedly fails or cheats at, yet millions of people use, love, and rely on their products to run their businesses every day for 30+ years now.

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