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BlackBerry's new interim chief John Chen has just got a rude wake-up call: the company shipped only 1.9 million smartphones to retailers in Q3 compared to 3.7 million last quarter, and lost $4.4 billion. Most of the phones shipped were lower-priced BB7 models, and it lost a massive $2.6 billion on unsold BlackBerry 10 devices and other associated BB10 charges. Retail channel sales (of phones already shipped) during the period also showed the scale of the drop in its upmarket phones: of 4.3 million devices sold to end-users, only 1.1 million were BB10 handsets.

I feel terrible for the people working at RIM. This is the news they have to hear just days before Christmas.

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So sad..
by sithlord2 on Tue 24th Dec 2013 16:39 UTC
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I own a Q5, and I really love the device. I really like the keyboard/touchscreen combination. I enjoy this device more than my Sony Xperia which runs Android 4.2.

With the latest update (10.2.1) it can run apk files natively, and it should be quite easy to install the Amazon AppStore for Android on it. This should have been in there from the moment it was released ;)

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RE: So sad..
by reduz on Wed 25th Dec 2013 04:25 in reply to "So sad.."
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I owned a Z10 for a few weeks and the OS was really great. Very clean and easy to use.

Unfortunately, the device overheated and died, and there was no way to fix it. Had to go back to Windows Phone which i'm not enjoying as much.

In any case, the OS was fantastic but they were late to the game.

I remember talking to a few BB10 developers from Blackberry at GDC, they said they took a long time because they made several mistakes when choosing the technologies they worked with.

They initially made the whole phone around AIR, to later find out adobe abandoned flash for the most part, while the performance was terrible. They ended up rewriting everything in Qt for BB10 but it took them too long and ran out of time. No one cared about BlackBerry anymore.

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RE[2]: So sad..
by tylerdurden on Fri 27th Dec 2013 06:35 in reply to "RE: So sad.."
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Wait, they were willing to bet the house on a 3rd party's platform (Adobe) without even bothering to check a roadmap or obtaining some kind of contractual guarantees of support?

If that is the case, the level of mismanagement inside Blackberry must have been (is?) phenomenal.

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RE[2]: So sad..
by olejon on Sat 28th Dec 2013 11:46 in reply to "RE: So sad.."
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Wow, an OS based on Adobe AIR... How great would that have been /s

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