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Thirty years ago, Apple introduced the Macintosh with the promise to put the creative power of technology in everyone's hands. It launched a generation of innovators who continue to change the world. This 30-year timeline celebrates some of those pioneers and the profound impact they've made.

Apple is also asking what your first Mac experience was. For me, it was a computer I had saved up for for a long time. Back in those days - around 2002-2003 - the Mac was virtually non-existent here in The Netherlands (or at least in the area where I lived), and the only place I'd ever seen Macs was at the dental department. Colourful iMacs - fun machines.

In any case, I was intrigued, and eventually bought an iMac G4 800Mhz. In my view, the most beautiful design the iMac ever had, but mine eventually died of a logic board failure within a few years (a notorious problem). I still think they're beautiful little machines, and would love to have the ultimate G4 iMac.

After that first iMac, I owned several Macs - an original iMac, a PowerBook G4 15", a PowerMac G4 dual 450Mhz, a Cube, my current iMac from 2012, and my favourite, a 12.1" iBook G4. There's one Mac I really want to add to my collection as soon as possible: the iBook G3/466 Special Edition. If you have one of these and would like to get rid of it - let me know.

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RE[2]: I'd answer on their site
by mrAmiga500 on Sat 25th Jan 2014 17:11 UTC in reply to "RE: I'd answer on their site"
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"Never even heard of or knew anyone who owned an Apple in their home until the early '90's -- TRS-80, Sinclair, Atari, Commodore, even Coleco -- sure, tons of them. Apple? YEAH RIGHT!

I suspect this is the case for most of the world outside the U.S (and maybe also in the U.S).
I hadn't seen a Mac until the mid 90's and that was like once and I didn't see another one for a the longest time.
Plenty of Amiga's, C64's, TI-99's, Spectrum's & PC's though. Apple was kinda like "Oh, so you're not a real computer user then?"

Yes. In Canada, Apple products were monstrously expensive compared to other computers. The very first time I saw anything Apple was in 1987 - an Apple IIc in a store closing "blowout clearance sale" for $1300. I thought the price was a misprint. This was an out-of-box demo model with gummy stickers on it! When the sales lady said the price wasn't a misprint, I swore loudly in disbelief. Earlier that year I had bought a brand new CoCo III for $99.

When I first saw Macs in a computer store a few years later, my mind was blown again looking at prices from $3800 to $8000. My Amiga 500 cost $700. No wonder nobody I knew back then owned Apple products.

Of course, the same was true with IBM PCs. I never saw a real IBM until decades later. I only started seeing PCs around 1990 when the clone market picked up.

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RE[3]: I'd answer on their site
by zima on Thu 30th Jan 2014 18:23 in reply to "RE[2]: I'd answer on their site"
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I only started seeing PCs around 1990 when the clone market picked up.

When AMD won a legal battle with Intel:

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