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The Ubuntu Touch smartphone OS has come a long way, but it still has further to plod before it's ready for market - all Canonical will tell us that it hopes to see an Ubuntu phone before the end of this year. Nevertheless, now that some phone manufacturers are on board with the project, we've been able to play with a couple of prototypes: One was just a non-functioning handset from a Spanish company called BQ, showing off plain but solid build quality reflective of a mid-tier device. The other was more interesting - a re-purposed Android handset from a second Ubuntu partner, Meizu, which makes light work of the operating system and interface.

It looks a bit choppy to me, but alas, it's a development build.

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RE: Oh well...
by Nelson on Fri 28th Feb 2014 01:14 UTC in reply to "Oh well..."
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ChromeOS was outsold by Windows RT in 2013. It is not selling well. According to IDC, it moved 2.5M units into the channel in 2013.

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RE[2]: Oh well...
by MOS6510 on Fri 28th Feb 2014 13:24 in reply to "RE: Oh well..."
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And I wonder how many of those 2.5 M units have users that try to turn them in to real laptops?

Personally I think the whole Chromebook idea is silly. You take a real computer, make a webbrowser the OS and then try to make it run webapps to move back to true laptop functionality.

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RE[2]: Oh well...
by ralph on Fri 28th Feb 2014 19:45 in reply to "RE: Oh well..."
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Chromebooks accounted for 21 percent of all notebook* sales, up from negligible share in the prior year, and 8 percent of all computer and tablet sales through November, up from one tenth of a percent in 2012 – the largest share increase across the various product segments.
Figures for the US by NPD.

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RE[3]: Oh well...
by Nelson on Fri 28th Feb 2014 20:05 in reply to "RE[2]: Oh well..."
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NPD claimed they were for commercial channels. The total size of that segment of the market is 14.4M

Doing some math it works out to ~3M. Not too far from the IDCs numbers.

To suggest that Chromebooks are 21% of the entire notebook market is hilariously off base.

Chromebooks have been an abject failure in anything except the Education sector where limited budgets make cost a deciding factor, and its nothing that Microsoft can't (and in fact currently is) beat back with licensing price cuts.

When your only differentiator is price, you will always lose to the established player if they're willing to dance with you at that price point.

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RE[3]: Oh well...
by Nelson on Fri 28th Feb 2014 20:24 in reply to "RE[2]: Oh well..."
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Here's the source:

Its in the first sentence. Lets put this fairytale that ChromeOS is selling well to rest.

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