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The online magazine has a new issue up - focusing on Android instead of iOS and OS X.

Admittedly, this started out as an April Fools' joke. But we quickly realized that we actually could make a really good issue about this. After all, it's interesting to Objective-C developers to learn something about what development on the other major mobile platform is like, as well as what we can learn from it.

A set of articles of specific interest to iOS developers wishing to get their toes wet on Android development. No politics, just code.

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obj-C on android
by Orichalcum on Tue 1st Apr 2014 19:22 UTC
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While it's a commercial product, apportable isn't a bad solution for doing objective-C on Android. It will quickly blow up if you do UIKit stuff but if you use interfaces typically used by games (openGL ES, etc) it works surprisignly well. I don't work for them, I just had to use it on porting project that was heavy on obj-C that I didn't want to rewrite. It can be a good start for iOS devs to get their toes wet on Android.

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RE: obj-C on android
by moondevil on Wed 2nd Apr 2014 15:37 in reply to "obj-C on android"
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It is a pity that Google disables Objective-C on the NDK toolchains.

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