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Internet Explorer

Despite XP's end of support, Microsoft is still going to release the fix for the recent Internet Explorer vulnerability for the ageing operating system.

Even though Windows XP is no longer supported by Microsoft and is past the time we normally provide security updates, we've decided to provide an update for all versions of Windows XP (including embedded), today. We made this exception based on the proximity to the end of support for Windows XP. The reality is there have been a very small number of attacks based on this particular vulnerability and concerns were, frankly, overblown. Unfortunately this is a sign of the times and this is not to say we don’t take these reports seriously. We absolutely do.

If you're still on Windows XP, you deserve to be insecure. Get a modern operating system - Windows 7/8, OS X, Linux, anything. XP is outdated crap, and it's time to move on.

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RE: Honestly...
by BlueofRainbow on Thu 1st May 2014 18:14 UTC in reply to "Honestly..."
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Large corporations have many word spinners.

With Windows XP still used by around 30% of all web surfers, the potential liability around a bug which came into existence well before the EOL, and became publicized just after the EOL, was likely felt too large to just ignore it.

Also, as far as I understand, a number of other Windows products (Embedded and Server) still in active service with full support will be updated to deal with the bug. Thus, there would be minimal additional expenditures involved with delivering an update for Windows XP.

With respect to the apparent refusal to upgrade of this 30% of all web surfers, it likely that they are not willing to go through the financial pain of purchasing a full Win7 product and the aggravations of migrating applications and data post-upgrade.

Furthermore, they probably got Windows XP when they purchased their current systems and will upgrade only when they need to replace it - if they are replacing it with a Windows based desktop. Some may have already migrated to a tablet for a lot of the web related tasks they do and have kept the Windows XP dinosaur only for the apps not yet existing on their tablets.

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