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I am taking the plunge and moving from an iPhone to an Android device. I've been waiting a long time for Android to get to the point that it was fast and responsive enough, with a big enough application warehouse, wide enough support, and a smooth enough experience, to support me. Android is maturing with a consistent, system-wide look-and-feel, almost every major service now has an Android app as the counterpart to its iOS-first experience, and has a bright future with wearables, home automation, and more.

I certainly won't be the first person to change ecosystems entirely. Several have done it before, some looking for change or claim freedom, some aiming to save money, some because someone prompted them, some think they may be conforming by going with the ever-stylish Apple. I am doing it for this reason: for me, Android is now a better platform than iOS.

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iOS vs Android
by Eugenia on Thu 12th Jun 2014 23:58 UTC
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It depends what you want to do. I'm doing artworks these days, and an iPad is far superior in the types of apps I'm looking for to Android. Of course, I have to put up with all the disadvantages of iOS as you mentioned them, but if you're looking for a specific type of art apps, you can't go Android yet.

This is why I use an Android as my phone, and an iPad for my art stuff. Should Android get these types of apps in the future, I will buy an Android tablet too. To me, just like the Mac in the olden days, the artistic/creative apps are the last stronghold of iOS.

Regarding phone-chasing, try the new 5.5" LG G3, with the 4k display. I know you said you want a smaller sized display, but this phone has the smallest bezels ever so far, so it looks more like a 5" phone rather than 5.5". It's significantly smaller to the OnePlus 1, even if it has the same size display. Check the review here: at 1:25 minutes for a size comparison. Personally, as you know, I bought the OnePlus One (I will be writing a review for OSNews when it finally arrives).

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RE: iOS vs Android
by Luminair on Fri 13th Jun 2014 03:40 in reply to "iOS vs Android"
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G2 was the best phone, and now G3 is the best phone. HTC one is nice too of course. If any of the best android phones were released by apple, the world would shake with delight.

Similarly, the new broadwell concept at computex is what the new apple products will look like. It didn't register with anyone yet though, because there was no apple sticker!

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RE: iOS vs Android
by CaptainN- on Fri 13th Jun 2014 06:33 in reply to "iOS vs Android"
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Thoughts on jailbreaking to get get around the disadvantages of iOS?

Aside from the "drug deal" feel of jailbreaking, I actually think it's a pretty interesting way to keep the less savvy users from installing god knows what on their devices, while posing only a mild challenge for those so motivated to run the jailbreak (and providing something of a test for the privilege, if only a small one).

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RE: iOS vs Android
by Lobotomik on Fri 13th Jun 2014 08:19 in reply to "iOS vs Android"
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Eugenia, you are sadly right. There are many more "creativity" apps for iOS than there are for Android, a few of which are very, very good.

Compared with iMovies, which is SO nice, the current video editor in Android Photos is a POS. It is cute and easy for a rapid Sunday-morning-with-the-dogs video with music, but it is VERY slow and VERY imprecise, and when the time comes to save, it is difficult to tell where the _F_ will it end up, whether it will remain editable, at what resolution will it be...

As for music, there is sadly nothing that can remotely compare to Garage Band on Android, not to talk about the cartload of sequencers, loopers and synthesizers you can find. As well as MIDI adapters, keyboards, recorders, the works.

As for still pictures, Android can import them directly from a camera, or from a card reader plugged into the USB port, only nobody knows, and adapter cables are not easy to find (though they cost like 3€). Android's offer for photo editing offer is better than that for music or video, and you can even get tablets and phones with pressure sensitive styli, which I guess should be far more precise than finger painting on an iPad.

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RE: iOS vs Android
by jgfenix on Sat 14th Jun 2014 00:17 in reply to "iOS vs Android"
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What applications?
Isn't it better a Galaxy Note with a s-pen (Wacom digitizer)?

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RE: iOS vs Android
by hadji457 on Sat 14th Jun 2014 11:57 in reply to "iOS vs Android"
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As a musician, iOS is the best choice. Since I have an iPad, my choice in a phone is kinda irrelevant now. I actually just use my phone as a phone. Might as well just use my old Moto Razr flip phone!

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RE: iOS vs Android
by roki56 on Tue 17th Jun 2014 21:55 in reply to "iOS vs Android"
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How to jailbrek your iPhone, iPad or iPod on easiest way? We want to help you avoid the limitation of IOS systems, therefore offer this tool to be able to jailbreak your Apple device. ...

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