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Linspire The 5.0.59 version of Linspire was released in March of 2005. A new version 5.0.347 is now available for immediate download. This version does not add any new major functionality, as this is mainly a bug fix release that resolves some problems with the previous release. The Insiders are still beta testing new versions of Linspire that contain new drivers, new features, etc.
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RE: versioning
by kwanbis on Fri 11th Nov 2005 12:45 UTC in reply to "versioning"
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cause it is not decimal math, like you said 0.347 < 0.59, cause if you look, there is no 5.0.347 math number, is:

5 = 5
0 = 0
347 > 59

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RE[2]: versioning
by DittoBox on Fri 11th Nov 2005 17:33 in reply to "RE: versioning"
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It's the one thing about Free-Software/hacker versioning that is counter-intuitive. Unless you're you're familiar with it, good luck in understanding it.

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RE[3]: versioning
by rcsteiner on Fri 11th Nov 2005 18:20 in reply to "RE[2]: versioning"
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I've always liked the versioning we use on Unisys our mainframes:

1st full version release: 1R0
1st revision of 1R0: 1R1
1st beta of 1R2: 1R2B1
2nd beta of 1R2: 1R2B2
2nd revision of 1R0: 1R2
3rd revision of 1R0: 1R3
4th revision of 1R0: 1R4
1st local mod to 1R4: 1R4A
2nd local mod to 1R4: 1R4B
2nd full version release: 2R0
1st revision of : 2R1


The OS we're running is EXEC 47R2A, which is the "A" local modification of standard release 47 Revision 2.

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