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Yesterday, former Google-executive Hugo Barra, now Xiaomi's global vice president, had a talk with The Verge.

Barra is only a year into his job as leader of Mi's internationalization efforts, but he's already "sick and tired" of hearing his company derided as an Apple copycat. He sees Mi as "an incredibly innovative company" that never stops trying to improve and refine its designs, and the allegations of it copying Apple are "sweeping sensationalist statements because they have nothing better to talk about."

This morning, John Gruber:

Scroll down on the Mi 3 "features" page and you'll see this image, named "detail-camera.jpg". Take a good look at the camera in that image, then look at the app icon for the current version of Aperture. It's a simple copy-paste-skew job of the lens, and not a very good one. Two panels down on the page, they use it again, horizontally flipped. (Shockingly, they cropped out the "Designed by Apple in California".)


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Hilarious for another reason
by Verenkeitin on Wed 23rd Jul 2014 08:35 UTC
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Looks like graphic designers on both companies googled for free camera lens image and used the first one that came up:

The date on that one seems to be 15/07/11, so it isn't copied from the Apple icon.

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Thom_Holwerda Member since:

The Aperture icon dates back to 2005.

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Verenkeitin Member since:

In that case, who ever made that free image probably ripped off Aperture icon. Since the quote specifically mentions current version of Aperture, I assumed that the Aperture icon has been recently changed.

Still, I claim that the rip-off in this case is accidental. Every nondescript image Apple uses somewhere probably has been recreated dozens of times and shoved into these free image repositories.

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majipoor Member since:

For your information, many (if not most) images given for free on such sites are at best inspired from commercial pictures, often copied, and regularly just stolen (the file is purchased once from a stock agency and then illegally distributed on such free images sites).

I know it because I am a contributor to a few stock agencies and I often see commercial pictures stolen on such sites.

And this very specific case is just a funny minor but obvious rip-off. Xiaomi is obviously VERY inspired from Apple to say the least and it becomes difficult to accept it when a top exec strongly denies the obvious.

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bassbeast Member since:

For BOTH your info the "colored lens" thing has been around for at least 20 years that I know of, probably longer. I know I remember seeing a similar effect in ads for high end cameras waaay back in the mid 90s, possibly Olympia or Canon but its been too damned long.

Point is Apple invented that like they invented MP3 players...IE all they did was make a "hipster slick" version of an idea old as dirt, SOP for Cupertino.

That was one thing I always gave Jobs credit for, you could have given that man something boring like washer dryer combos and by the time he was done he'd have people lining around the block to pay triple price for the "iClean" and it would look great.

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Tony Swash Member since:

it isn't copied from the Apple icon.

Neither was this ;)

The shade of black on the T-shirt is definitely different to the shade of black on one worn by Steve Jobs.

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kwan_e Member since:

Have you even looked at industrial design for the last 50 years? It's all the same old bland modernist bollocks, and they all learn the same design theories in university.

So you must be pretty f--king desperate to lay claim to a phrase and a t shirts of a certain colour.

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spiderman Member since:

I don't see a problem here either. Jobs's style worked. People liked his speeches and his style and it made him sell a lot of things. If someone is doing something right or better than you then you should learn from him while keep doing what you are doing right. It looks like it's working great for Xiaomi. I don't get why people call them for this. Anyway, I'm happy they did because I didn't know Xiaomi existed and now I do. Maybe it's Xiaomi itself that is trying to make a controversy over their copycat behaviour in order to raise its brand awareness in the west?

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No it isnt Member since:

Hilarious because Gruber confuses marketing with technology. Then again, he's an Apple fan.

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daedalus Member since:

That's not the same image. Similar, I'll grant you, but the flare details are different.

This one on Shutterstock OTOH, looks like an exact match for the Aperture icon bar the text around the edge:

And, given that it's on a reputable, paid source like Shutterstock, I'd say anyone who had paid for it would feel well within their rights to use it. As well as that, it's a vector, so it obviously wasn't a copy and paste job from the Apple icon.

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themwagency Member since:

The free vector icon is not the one used in the copied graphic. That image is slightly different.

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